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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose expressexpressions vinyl?

Expressions Vinyl has a robust collection of both quality adhesive and heat transfer vinyls. Not all vinyl is created equal, and often it can be a little overwhelming to decide which vinyl will work best for a specific project, let alone how to best cut and apply it.

Where can I buy heat transfer vinyl?

Xpress Vinyl - Heat Transfer Vinyl, Craft Vinyl Supply, Siser Vinyl Authorized Siser Retailer, Oracal 651, StarCraft, Themoflex, T-Shirts, Glitter, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Decal Vinyl, Locally owned and operated since 2017

Is expressexpressions vinyl compatible with Cricut?

Expressions Vinyl currently carries two different types of vinyl. The first is made by Oracal. This particular vinyl is Oracal 631 and is very similar to what Cricut sells for their popular machines. This vinyl is compatible with any electronic craft cutter, not just the Cricut.

What kind of products do we sell at vinyl shop?

We carry the top brands of vinyl and HTV along with a huge selection of colors, patterns and textures. We also carry a variety of vinyl and sublimation blanks, t-shirts, glitter, silicone molds & other accessories for your crafting needs. More than Just a Store

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