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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my subscription to the San Antonio Express-News?

A: Once logged in to Subscriber Services, select the Billing tab, then Change Subscription. Also, you may call subscriber services during business hours at (210) 250-2000. Q: Can I still get the San Antonio Express-News if I move out of the area?

How do I contact the San Antonio news department?

Subscriber Services (Home Delivery and Unlimited Digital Access): 210-250-2000 Ask a question or report a problem with the website: [email protected] Ask a question or report a problem with the mobile apps: [email protected] If you need to contact a newsroom department, consult our newsroom contacts list.

How do I renew my subscription to Express News?

You may also send a news story tip to [email protected] . You are enrolled in a continuous subscription at the listed rate, subject to future price increases. The subscription will automatically renew at the then-applicable rate unless you cancel it by calling 210-250-2000 or by managing your account at:

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