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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you experience God's love?

How to Experience God's Love. View Series. Your relationship with God is secure because, through Christ, you are forgiven and accepted by God. However, God also desires for you to walk closely with Him and communicate with Him throughout each day so you can experience His love.

Is God’s love poured out through the Holy Spirit?

This experience of the love of God is poured out through the Holy Spirit. “God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us” Whatever else we say about this experience, let this be said: it is not decisively the work of man, but the work of God. It is supernatural.

What is the nature of Love in the Bible?

Love is essential to the nature of God. Those who have become partakers of the new nature (2 Peter 1:4) are the people of God. They alone increasingly reflect the holy and loving character of God and love others. The transformed hearts of Christians respond to the call of God to love one another.

What is God’s love for US?

God's love for us is so much greater than we can ever imagine. Experience the love of God in this beautiful message. God’s love for us is the most powerful reality we can ever discover. How can we know for sure that God is always with us and willing to help? Because of God’s love for us! The love of God is the sure foundation of our faith in Him.

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