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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Experian or Equifax get hacked?

One of the other leading credit rating agencies, Experian, was hacked in 2015, causing the personal data of 15 million Americans to be exposed. The recent hack of Equifax was far larger but fell short of data breaches suffered by Yahoo, which affected 1 billion people worldwide.

What is Experian dispute mailing address?

Instructions for Disputing by Mail. Experian's mailing address for dispute requests is: P.O. You can submit your dispute and any supporting documents more quickly at In order to help you to submit an accurate request, you may find it useful to first obtain your personal Experian credit report.

How do you upload a JPEG file?

Here are a few tips to upload your JPEG file. Send files as an attachment through email. Most email programs and websites offer ways to attach your photos. Use a free online service to store your files. There are many free sites to upload your photos to. Send your images through a chat program.

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