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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an error off my Experian report?

Experian Dispute (4 Ways to Remove Credit Report Errors) 1 1. Use Experian’s Online Dispute Tool. Experian lets consumers identify and remove credit report errors in seven quick steps: 2 2. Place a Security Freeze on Your Experian Credit Report. 3 3. Call or Write to Experian. 4 4. Don’t Go It Alone — Get Help From a Repair Service.

Does Experian make mistakes?

Like the other two, Experian does make mistakes and it may be completely inadvertent or simply due to an error. It could be a human error or a systematic problem. Regardless of the nature of the error, you should file an official complaint and request for the error to be rectified.

How many errors can I dispute on my Experian credit report?

You can dispute as many errors as you find on your Experian credit report. However, you would need to file every dispute separately. You can keep filing new disputes till all are addressed. You can also resubmit a request to address an error if it is not resolved to your satisfaction in thirty business days.

What happens if Experian does not agree to a claim?

If Experian does not agree with your claims and effectively turn down your request, then there would be no change whatsoever to your credit score or the report. The entry will remain till such time you prove your case. You can resubmit a request via mail or online. Experian will ask for additional documents.

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