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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a dispute with Experian?

To submit a dispute, contact us by internet or by mail. You may also submit documents in support of your dispute. Documents may be uploaded for online disputes at or submitted by mail. When submitting documents, please only submit copies of documents and not originals.

How do I continue to use Experian?

To continue using, please switch to one of these supported browsers: If you are looking for Experian's business products or company information, you may continue via one of the following links:

What should I do if I'm having trouble uploading documents?

If you’re still having trouble, follow the instructions below to mail copies. If your upload failed, check the document format and size then try again. You can mail copies if you’re still having trouble or if you prefer this option instead: Do not send original documents: Send photocopies only. Include your printed bar code page.

How do I know if a document has been uploaded successfully?

When the upload is successful, a checkmark appears next to the file name. If you have other data matching issues, repeat the steps for each one. When done, you can log out. When the document has been uploaded successfully, "Upload more documents" appears next to the inconsistency on the "Application details" tab.

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