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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the policy for the Maui to Lanai ferry?

Expeditions Maui to Lanai Ferry is governed by Homeland Security. First and last names of all passengers are required. If you do not provide this information when placing this reservation, Expeditions will not accept the booking. This activity can be changed (based on availability) free.

How much does it cost to get from Maui to Lanai?

Expeditions is the only Lanai ferry service between Maui and Lanai. This is a basic service that offers no transportation once you arrive on Lanai. However, Lanai features a trolley system that is compatible with the arrival and departure times of Expeditions. An all-day trolley pass runs about $10.00.

Where to take a picnic in Lanai City?

You can take food to go, and then find a picnic table in the large park across the street in the middle of Lanai City. Sit on top of returning ferry to Maui to cool off and take in the views without too much sun, because it’s the end of day.

Is there free parking on the Lanai ferry?

On time and well piloted to Lanai and returned to Lahaina. Very experienced captain. Only detractor had nothing to do with the ferry, but rather there is no free parking. Don’t try the ‘free’ public parking. It’s free but only for three hours.

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