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Frequently Asked Questions

Are LEED credits eligible for exemplary performance?

Don’t forget that all the LEED credits are not eligible for exemplary performance; moreover, eligible credits have different requirements for exemplary performance.

What is an exemplary performance point?

For eligible LEED credits, a performance beyond the LEED credit requirements will earn projects exemplary performance points, which are generally achieved by doubling the credit requirements and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold.

How do I earn LEED innovative performance points?

Besides earning ID points by achieving exemplary performance, there is one additional method to gain points for ID 1.1 thru ID 1.4: innovative performance points can be earned in this fashion by doing something “quantifiablein terms of its environmental benefits” that is NOT covered by any existing LEED credit.

What does exemplary performance mean on Sustainable Sites?

Some Sustainable Sitescredits, as you can see, have exemplary performance“possibilities.” This means that the credits you see with a “yes” are eligible to satisfy the Innovation in Design (the 6th category) credits. It does notmean that you’ll gain extra points in the Sustainable Sites category.

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