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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of performance skills?

Performance skills Movement - Soft, gentle, heavy, light, quick slow. Hunched, upright, limping, energetic... Gesture - Signals with your hands / arms to show feelings. You may have something your character always does, e.g. ... Facial expressions - Wide eyed, narrow eyed, raised eyebrows, troubled (permanent frown / down-turned mouth). Eye contact - Staring, glaring, fleeting. ... More items...

What is an example of an exemplar?

The definition of an exemplar is person or thing that is considered as a pattern to be copied. An example of an exemplar is a person that others try to imitate, such as Michael Jackson.

What is the meaning of exemplary?

An Exemplary Etymology. Since the 1500s, exemplary has been used in English for things deserving imitation. The word (and its close relatives example and exemplify) derives from the Latin noun exemplum, which means "example.".

What is performance achievement?

Performance Achievement Plans, in place of traditional employee evaluations, work best when they are an integral part of an employee achievement workplace culture.

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