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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be an exemplary employee?

Your Top Offers Be Prepared to Learn. You already had to research the company as a candidate, so expect to step up those efforts once you're hired. Show Initiative and Drive. An exemplary employee, meaning someone that goes above and beyond, is revered by a supervisor. ... Manage Time and Tasks. ...

What is an outstanding performance?

What is the definition of "outstanding performance"? It is "prominent; conspicuous; marked by superiority or distinction; excellent; distinguished". To deserve "outstanding performance" rating, employee must do something that is conspicuous in his performance.

Are performance evaluations effective?

Performance evaluations are an imperfect tool that only captures snippets of information . They communicate what is and is not important for employees to do -- for better or worse. But performance evaluations can also paint a well-rounded picture of contributions, opportunities for improvement and plans for what's next.

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