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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be an exemplary employee?

Your Top Offers Be Prepared to Learn. You already had to research the company as a candidate, so expect to step up those efforts once you're hired. Show Initiative and Drive. An exemplary employee, meaning someone that goes above and beyond, is revered by a supervisor. ... Manage Time and Tasks. ...

What are examples of performance skills?

Performance skills Movement - Soft, gentle, heavy, light, quick slow. Hunched, upright, limping, energetic... Gesture - Signals with your hands / arms to show feelings. You may have something your character always does, e.g. ... Facial expressions - Wide eyed, narrow eyed, raised eyebrows, troubled (permanent frown / down-turned mouth). Eye contact - Staring, glaring, fleeting. ... More items...

What makes an employee exceptional?

What Makes An Exceptional Employee. Workers who read social signals poorly lose friends and make enemies no matter how well and how often they come up with process or product improvements. And those that don’t have a focused intensity — a real passion for what they do — are unlikely to be peak performers.

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