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Frequently Asked Questions

What does exemplar mean?

An exemplar is someone or something that is considered to be so good that they should be copied or imitated. They viewed their new building as an exemplar of taste. An exemplar is a typical example of a group or class of things.

What does exemplar mean in Latin?

Exemplar means something that is worth copying or imitating. An archetype or a model serves as an exemplar. The word comes from the Latin word exemplum, which means "example." Word like paradigm, standard, ideal, example, and model are synonyms of the word "exemplar."

What is another word for exemplary?

Another word for exemplary. adjective. Deserving honor, respect, or admiration: admirable, commendable, creditable, deserving, estimable, honorable, laudable, meritorious, praiseworthy, reputable, respectable, worthy. See good, praise, respect, value. Beyond reproach: blameless, good, irreprehensible, irreproachable, lily-white, unblamable.

What is another word for exemplify?

Synonyms for Exemplify: n. v. •evince (verb) certify, substantiate, testify, determine, illustrate, declare, betoken, prove, adduce, indicate, establish, depose, corroborate, confirm, validate, attest, vouch, observe, support, document, demonstrate, manifest, avouch, authenticate, connote, evince, state, exhibit, witness.

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