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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good traits to put on a resume?

Work Experience. Good resumes are characterized by a chronological list of interesting-sounding jobs that make the employer want to meet you. Strike a balance between boasting and selling yourself short. Incorporate key skills you developed on the job without understating or over-inflating your responsibilities.

What are good skills and abilities for a resume?

Good communication skills are essential in almost every job. Your ability to listen, comprehend and act on what you hear should be articulated on your resume and demonstrated during any job interview. Your ability to communicate your ideas clearly to others is just as important.

What are the strengths of a resume?

A list of key strengths on a resume shows a potential employer what you can offer beyond experience and education. Showing your strengths gives an employer a more thorough understanding of your skills, talents and potential as an employee. Consider the position you're applying for when deciding which strengths to highlight.

What are the attributes of a resume?

A resume gives a potential employer a brief overview of your work history, educational background and job-related skills, so it's best to include relevant occupational attributes.

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