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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common examples of research bias?

In qualitative research, data collection bias happens when you ask bad survey questions during a semi-structured or unstructured interview. Bad survey questions are questions that nudge the interviewee towards implied assumptions. Leading and loaded questions are common examples of bad survey questions.

How can you avoid research bias?

To avoid the possibility of bias in this situation, you can set questions in a randomized order, then have colleagues take the survey in an unofficial capacity to test its effectiveness. A leading questions bias can take place when a researcher frames a question to elicit a specific answer or respond with a certain emotion.

How does research bias affect the results of a study?

Bias exists in all research, across research designs, and is difficult to eliminate. Bias can occur at any stage of the research process. Bias impacts the validity and reliability of your findings, leading to misinterpretation of data. It is almost impossible to conduct a study without some degree of research bias.

What is research bias?

Researcher bias is a situation that can form when a researcher's perspective influences the results of a study claiming an objective point of view. It can develop during every step of a research process, including the initial planning stage, theory development, data collection and analysis.

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