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Frequently Asked Questions

Is evolutionary perspective nature or nurture?

Natural selection and other mechanisms of evolution work on the variation within a population — so without variation, there would be no evolution. However, there are two possible sources of variation: the environment and genes — in other words, nature and nurture.

What is evolution perspective?

The Florey Institute for Neuroscience & Mental Health Heidelberg Australia An evolutionary perspective of personality and individual differences proposes that our personalities and individual differences have evolved, in part, to provide us with some form of adaptive advantage in the context of survival and reproduction.

Which perspective gave rise to evolutionary theory?

From a humanistic perspective, evolutionary psychology appears to be a highly reductionist approach which suggests that our behavior is inherited from our ancestors and predetermined by our genes. Whilst our individual differences may be explained by evolutionary psychology as adaptations or maladaptations, more generally, the approach anticipates survival and reproduction as being the sole motivations behind our behavior, ignoring the complexities of the human mind and the reasoning behind ...

What does evolutionary psychology focus on?

Much like Charles Darwin's ideas about natural selection, evolutionary psychology focuses on how favorable adaptations of human nature are selected for over less favorable adaptations. In the scope of psychology, these adaptations could be in the form of emotions or problem-solving skills. For example, an adaptation could involve things such as a tendency to be vigilant for potential threats or the ability to work cooperatively in groups.

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