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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eversity?

eVERSITY is your Online Campus. Our wide variety of eCurriculum subjects can be tailored to suit every type of learner and with a dedicated team, we make learning easy, accessible and affordable. Access eVERSITY and learn and teach from anywhere

Why E versity courses?

Courses are developed and taught by seasoned University of Arkansas System faculty, so e Versity students have access to the same high-quality courses and degree programs that are associated with the University of Arkansas System brand. We recognize that life is complex and free time is precious.

Why majestiic eversity?

MAJESTiiC offers a range of expert eLearning and mLearning services via our online campus eVERSITY to help transform training and development within Institutes and Organisations.

Why study with access eversity?

Access eVERSITY and learn and teach from anywhere Our community of graduates are empowered and setting the foundations for internationalisation of skills and knowledge and creating long term industry growth and sustainability locally and globally

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