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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install evergreen bootstrapper?

Under Evergreen Bootstrapper, select Download . Go over the license terms and privacy statement and then select Accept and Download. Run MicroEdgeWebview2Setup.exe. If you don't have access to install Power Apps for Windows from the Microsoft Store then you can install it from the app center.

What is the bootstrapper?

The Bootstrapper is a tiny installer that downloads the Evergreen Runtime matching device architecture and installs it locally. There is also a Link that allows you to programmatically download the Bootstrapper. A full-blown installer that can install the Evergreen Runtime in offline environment. Available for x86/x64/ARM64.

What is the Evergreen distribution mode?

The Evergreen distribution mode is recommended for most apps. The Evergreen Bootstrapper section of the page provides a small Evergreen Runtime bootstrapper that runs on the client machine, for online users. The bootstrapper downloads and installs the appropriate WebView2 Evergreen Runtime onto the client.

How does the Evergreen installer work?

The Evergreen installers provide one copy of WebView2 on a client's machine that is then kept updated and shared with all Windows apps using WebView2 in this manner. WebView2 can also be embedded directly into your app, tying it to a specific version (much like Electron). Learn more about the different install options for WebView2.

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