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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Etrade and how does it work?

E-Trade is an online discount stock broker, allowing its customers to trade equities including stock, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) online and over the phone. E-Trade also offers banking services such as checking and savings accounts as well as credit cards.

What happens if someone else uses my E*Trade password?

The contingencies: If the unauthorized use is by someone you gave your password to, E*Trade will treat it as authorized by you.

What is E*Trade's Policy on unauthorized trades?

The bottom line: “E*TRADE Securities will restore to your account cash and/or shares of securities equal to the amount of cash and/or shares of securities in your account at the time of any unauthorized activity...Any unauthorized trades will be reversed and positions will be reinstated,” the policy says. Read the full policy here.

What is Scottrade's policy on unauthorized transactions?

The policy: “If an unauthorized transaction is conducted online in your Scottrade account...we will reverse eligible online fraudulent transactions in your account at no cost to you.” The contingencies: To be eligible for the security guarantee, customers must:

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