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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest major airport to Estero Florida?

Estero, FL – Airports nearby. Southwest Florida International Airport (7.5 miles / 12.1 kilometers) Punta Gorda Airport (Florida) (35.2 miles / 56.7 kilometers) Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport (80.7 miles / 129.9 kilometers) Miami International Airport (104.2 miles / 167.7 kilometers)

How far is Estero from Punta Gorda Airport?

Distance from Punta Gorda Airport (Florida) to Estero is 35.2 miles / 56.7 kilometers. Punta Gorda Airport (Florida) is located approximately 3.4 miles / 5.5 kilometers east of Punta Gorda and about 5.4 miles / 8.7 kilometers east of Punta Gorda Isles.

How far is Estero from Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport?

Distance from Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport to Estero is 80.7 miles / 129.9 kilometers.

Where is Southwest Florida International Airport?

Southwest Florida International Airport is located approximately 5.6 miles / 8.9 kilometers northeast of San Carlos Park and about 7.5 miles / 12.1 kilometers northeast of Estero. IATA airport code is RSW.

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