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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of ESP32?

ESP32 Features ESP32 Hall Sensor ESP32 Touch Sensor ESP32 I2C ESP32 Flash Memory ESP32 Dual Core Useful Guides ESP32 Troubleshooting ESP32 Access Point ESP32 Fixed IP Address ESP32 MAC Address ESP32 Hostname ESP32 OTA ESP32 OTA Arduino ESP32 OTA VS Code ESP32 Solar Panels ESP32 Alexa ESP32 Install SPIFFS ESP32 Time and Date ESP32 Epoch Time

How do I assign an SPI object to the vspi bus?

The SPI object is assigned to the VSPI bus by default: You may define your object for HSPI yourself if you need it: You may ommit the HSPI parameter as it’s the default for the class. So your above code connects to the VSPI bus.

Is there a story behind the speed of the SPI interface?

That's... a good question actually. Will ask the digital guys, maybe they know. Edit: Sorry, there's no story there... just random designators. If it makes you feel better, I've always thought of them as the High-speed SPI interface and the Very High-speed SPI interface. Not that the speed actually differs between SPI interfaces, but hey

How are peripheral signals routed in ESP32?

Most of ESP32’s peripheral signals have direct connection to their dedicated IO_MUX pins. However, the signals can also be routed to any other available pins using the less direct GPIO matrix. If at least one signal is routed through the GPIO matrix, then all signals will be routed through it.

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