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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SPI pins in ESP32?

SPI Pins ESP32 features three SPIs (SPI, HSPI and VSPI) in slave and master modes. These SPIs also support the following general-purpose SPI features: Only VSPI and HSPI are usable SPI interfaces and the third SPI bus is used by the integrated flash memory chip. Standard libraries usually use VSPI pins between the two.

How does ESP32 connect to GPIO?

Most peripheral signals in ESP32 can connect directly to a specific GPIO, which is called its IOMUX pin. When a peripheral signal is routed to a pin other than its IOMUX pin, ESP32 uses the less direct GPIO matrix to make this connection.

What is the difference between ESP8266 and ESP32?

One of the great things about ESP32 is that it has a lot more GPIOs than ESP8266. You won’t have to juggle or multiplex your IO pins. There are a few things to watch out for so please read the pinout carefully. Please note that the following pinout reference is for the popular ESP32 devkit v1 development board with 30 pins.

Can I use HSPI for smartmatrix-teensylc ESP32 compatible library?

Please read the issue template, and provide the information requested there, along with your device connection information- particularly what sort of pullup resistors you are using. Finally, it would be possible use HSPI for smartmatrix-teensylc ESP32 compatible library, with this pins arrangement in MatrixHardware_ESP32_V0.h smartmatrix file,

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