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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the major purpose of building the Erie Canal?

Wabash and Erie Canal is a waterway, stretching up to 468 miles from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana. The canal was instrumental in the growth of the State of Indiana. The main goal behind the construction of the canal was to link the navigable water of the Maumee River with the Wabash through the seven mile portage at Fort Wayne.

Who financed the construction of the Erie Canal?

The Commission to Explore a Route for a Canal to Lake Erie and Report, known as the Erie Canal Commission, was a body created by the New York State Legislature in 1810 to plan the Erie Canal. In 1817 a Canal Fund led by Commissioners of the Canal Fund was established to oversee the funding of construction of the canal.

What did the completion of Erie Canal allow?

The completion in 1825 of the Erie Canal (below), connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River, was an event of major importance in Michigan history because it greatly facilitated the transportation of passengers and freight between the eastern seaboard and Michigan ports. Source: Unknown

Why was the Erie Canal constructed?

The Erie Canal was first proposed in 1768 because settlers needed a way to travel from the East Coast to the land they were settling. They needed to be able to get produce and materials. The proposal to build the canal was finally passed in 1808 and the digging began in 1817.

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