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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is equipmentshare?

Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction solutions provider dedicated to solving industry pain points through smart jobsite technology and equipment rental, retail and service centers.

How does equipmentshare help non-profits?

In addition to providing a platform where contractors can save and make money on equipment rental, we help non-profits like Habitat For Humanity to rent equipment for much lower rates. EquipmentShare's latest funding round in July 2021 was reported to be $230 m. In total, EquipmentShare has raised $288.8 m

How doesequequipmentshare track rental equipment?

EquipmentShare outfits its rental machines with tracking hardware. Rental customers can choose to monitor equipment utilization, GPS location, fuel usage, maintenance history and upcoming service for each asset.

Why chooseequequipmentshare?

EquipmentShare's growing presence of locations, which includes equipment and service yards, research and development sites, dealerships for major brands, administrative offices and specialty solutions locations, serve the rising demand for the company's equipment and digital solutions.

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