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Frequently Asked Questions

Why equequipment depot?

Equipment Depot offers an unmatched range of services and a coast-to-coast network of 50 locations ready to help you maximize your uptime. We are your one-stop shop for an extensive line-up of industry-leading equipment, parts and service for all major equipment models, and strategic warehouse solutions — all backed by our Performance.

Does Home Depot have a store in Wilmington NC?

Welcome to the Wilmington Home Depot. We're ready to guide you to everything you need to start your next project. Whether you're looking for gardening supplies or electrical supplies, your local hardware store has you covered. Our trained associates can help you find the products you need for your project.

When does the Home Depot Labor Day Sale start in Wilmington?

Drop by today and see what's new. When does the Home Depot Labor Day sale start at the Wilmington store? The first Monday in September signals the end of summer; it's also a day to honor our nation's workers.

Why equipment depot for forklift rental?

As some forklift providers are halting production or delaying deliveries up to a year, Equipment Depot has top brands -available now- ready to support your business. RENTAL SOURCE. Offering an extensive rental inventory from the most trusted brands.

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