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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is equipment depot?

Formerly Southern California Material Handling (SCMH), Equipment Depot is a leading supplier of industrial equipment, including heavy-duty forklifts and port equipment, electric forklifts, aerial lifts, operator training.

Why FunFun equipment depot?

FUN! Equipment Depot has been a trusted, local material handling service provider since 1939. As a proud part of Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Inc. (MLNA), we’re backed by one of the largest material handling groups in the world.

How do I contact equipment depot for after-hours service?

For after-hours service, please click the button below and enter your zip code to call your nearest Equipment Depot location to speak with a service specialist. You depend on your industrial equipment to keep your business moving. Equipment Depot technicians deliver over 360,000 service calls per year and focus on our customers’ success.

How do I contact eqdepot for rental equipment?

Call 888.EQDEPOT for immediate support. Address lookup failed. 810 Hickory Ln. 810 Hickory Ln. Thank you for contacting us. We look forward to assisting with your material handling and equipment rental needs. Your message has been sent. Thank you for requesting a free quote. We look forward to assisting you with your rental needs.

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