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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for eopf?

How to Complete One-Time Registration of Your AMS Profile in eOPF Log into AMS at ... On your AMS homepage, click on the "Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)" link. ... On the "eOPF eAuth Controller" page, click on the "Dept. ... To proceed, click "Accept" on the disclaimer page. More items...

Who has access to the eopf?

Your eOPF can only be accessed by you (from LiteBlue with your Employee Identification Number and Personal Identity Number), and by Postal professionals in the course of their official duties with a need to know. For example, an HR professional may access your eOPF to process a transaction, like a bid or promotion or a benefit change.

How do I contact the eopf helpdesk?

The helpdesk's preferred method of contact is by email at [email protected] for tracking purposes. The alternate method of contact is by telephone at 1-866-275-8518.

What is eopf number?

Phone Number of EOPF is 866-275-8518 . EOPF is a commercial computer system of the government of United States Of America. The EOPF is managed by the department of Interior.

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