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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of environmental engineering?

Environmental engineering is often linked with civil engineering programs, as so many of the environmental issues fall within issues classically associated with civil engineers. Waste management; solid, fluid, and gaseous, are large components of the major.

What are the benefits of environmental engineering?

Environmental engineers work to solve problems like air and water pollution, waste production, and erosion to improve the health of natural habitats. For those interested in combining science, biology, and engineering to solve real-world problems, an environmental engineering degree can be the first step towards an exciting career.

What are the three areas of focus for environmental engineering degree students at UC Berkeley?

The principal focus areas include: environmental biotechnology, water quality and treatment, wastewater reclamation and reuse, hazardous and solid waste engineering, ground water modeling and treatment, air quality monitoring, pollution control and modeling, environmental sciences, and industrial ecology.

What is the curriculum for environmental engineering students at the University of Arizona?

Environmental engineering at the UA revolves around developing sustainable systems to protect, clean up, recycle and reuse the world’s natural resources. The program focuses on bioremediation of air and water pollution, wastewater treatment, Superfund site cleanup, and management of hazardous chemicals.

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