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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the government take the entertainment industry seriously?

Pandit stated that to date no government has taken the entertainment industry seriously and that it is not given the same importance as other industries. He said, "The entertainment industry which includes cinema, television, OTT and state shows has always been very hopeful whenever the Budget is about to be announced, this happens year after year.

Is the quality of entertainment going down?

However, as a cultural critic, Charu says things have gone from bad to worse over the years. “The quality of entertainment has gone down immensely. Back then, during my youth, we had magazines, we had Kalki (a magazine known for its novels like Ponniyin Selvan), and a few other avenues.

How has UK Home Entertainment Evolved?

“UK Home Entertainment has evolved at an electrifying speed to meet the needs of savvy audiences,” Liz Bales, Chief Executive, BASE, said. “With so much choice available these days, film and TV lovers show us that what they are watching drives the way that they watch it.

What was the highest-selling Home Entertainment title in the UK in 2022?

Top Gun: Maverick was the highest-selling home entertainment title in the UK in 2022, according to figures released today by the British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) and the Official Charts Company (OCC). Tom Cruise’s high-flying sequel netted over 1.2 million sales across DVD, Blu-ray and Digital EST, BASE and OCC reported.

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