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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Raheem Sterling win the penalty against Denmark?

It was Raheem Sterling who initially won the penalty which sparked the controversy. How did Sterling win the penalty? Sterling dashed through Denmark's defence in the first-half of extra time, twisting past a couple of defenders.

How did England reach their first major tournament final in 55 years?

England needed a controversial extra-time penalty to reach their first-ever major tournament final in 55 years.... Harry Kane sent England into uncharted waters on Wednesday when he scored to propel England past Denmark into the Euro 2020 final.

Why was Raheem Sterling's second ball not stopped the game?

While Sterling dribbled his way into the box from the right wing, there was another ball lying inside the playing field which further caused furore among fans. While the FIFA rule states that if the second ball (or stray ball) was not interfering with the play, the referee is not bound to stop the game.

What happened in the Denmark vs England World Cup Final?

England huffed and puffed for the remainder of normal time but neither side could find the break through until Kane's historic goal. At 2-1, England held on against a shattered Denmark to set up a final Wembley showdown on Sunday. As well as earning the adoration of the nation, Kane earned himself another bit of personal glory.

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