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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Free graduation announcements online?

Celebrate an academic milestone with free graduation announcements online. Let friends and family know how proud you are of your graduate with free online Graduation Announcement cards. Punchbowl has a large selection of beautiful Graduation Announcement ecards that you can personalize with your own special message and photo.

How do I honor my 2022 Grad?

Parents – honor your 2022 grad with a custom graduation announcement full of senior photos, custom style and details about how you plan to celebrate and what the future holds for them. First, let’s talk photos.

How do I create a graduation announcement?

If you want to create a simple but unique announcement, choose a design that features just one photo, or a card that has no photo at all. These more traditional and formal designs feature great elements like graduation caps, gold foil details and more. Perhaps your grad wants a graduation announcement that’s a little more fun?

When is the best time to send a graduation announcement?

Whether you’re commemorating the end of their college years or the last days of high school, we recommend sending online announcements between two weeks prior to graduation and six weeks following graduation. If your graduation announcement also serves as a party invitation, it is best to give your guests additional time to prepare for the big day.

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