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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a basic EKG?

The EKG is a printed capture of a brief moment in time. EKGs can be used to diagnose heart attacks, heart problems including electrical malfunctioning and other heart problems. They are often used to diagnose heart problems in combination with an echocardiogram, or echo.

What is easiest way to read ECG?

EKG interpretation, and for further reading, the Dubin textbook is the introductory book of choice. This text was developed for use by NYU School of Medicine students, but may be used by any medical ... The easiest way to figure out the axis is to draw a normal X-Y

What is a 6 second ECG strip?

What is a 6 second ECG strip? 6-second strip ECG paper is marked in three-second intervals or sometimes every second. (Every five large boxes equal one second.) Simply count the number of QRS complexes in any six-second interval and multiply this number by ten. (6 seconds × 10 = 60 seconds = 1 minute.) Click to see full answer.

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