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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Edgepark Medical supplies?

Founded in 1928, Cleveland, Ohio-based Edgepark Medical Supplies® is the industry leader in the home delivery of disposable medical products, specializing in ostomy, diabetes, wound care, urological and incontinence supplies.

What does Edgepark do?

Edgepark contracts directly with more than 1,300 managed care organizations (MCOs) to provide direct-to-patient home delivery of products, while also providing MCOs with value-added services that drive utilization, billing efficiencies and patient compliance.

How do I log in to Edgepark?

Visit to learn more about the difference between using pharmacy vs medical benefits for your health care supplies. Note: Your email address will be set as your user id when logging in. The password cannot be the same or contain your user id. Enter a first name. Enter a last name. Enter a valid email address. Enter your password.

How many products does Edgepark carry?

Currently, Edgepark carries nearly 40,000 products, from more than 700 manufacturers, for chronic conditions including: diabetes, ostomy, urological, incontinence, respiratory, wound care, home wellness, and breast pumps. “Summit County’s Economic Development team understands the needs of business.

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