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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think the economy is getting worse?

If you are feeling a bit of whiplash from all this, you’re not alone. Americans have mixed feelings about what’s going on. A Gallup economic poll in November found that 70% of U. S. adults believe the economy is getting worse-a rate not seen since April 2020, when the country was in shut-down mode.

Is the World Economic Forum optimistic about the recovery?

LONDON (Reuters) - Only one in 10 World Economic Forum members surveyed expects the global recovery to accelerate over the next three years, a poll of nearly 1,000 business, government and academic leaders found, with only one in six optimistic about the world outlook.

What was the economic data for the month of November?

Economic data for November showed mixed signs, with a much stronger than expected gain in services activity and retail sales, while industrial output slipped for the sixth consecutive month.

Why was the US economy in a weird place in 2021?

The U. S. economy ended up in a weird place in 2021. Consumers were eager to spend money, but couldn’t get their purchases because supply chains were haywire. Wages rose as workers resigned. Prices, meanwhile, soared for everything from groceries to gas to rent and vehicles.

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