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Frequently Asked Questions

Does eBay seller hub cost money?

For eBay Stores subscribers. There's no charge to use Seller Hub. You only pay for any subscriptions you may have, such as Stores, to access that functionality within Seller Hub. All your listings - drafts, scheduled, active, unsold, ended – as well as your orders will appear in Seller Hub, so you can jump right in and continue business as usual.

How do I search for local eBay sellers?

Search for a User. EBay's Advanced Search Page has a user search to find the seller you're tracking down. To reach this page from most eBay pages, click Advanced near the search button and choose By Seller. The Advanced link is on the eBay home page and most other pages.

How do you find a seller on eBay?

Seller’s Email Address Navigate to eBay and click on “Advanced” at the top right corner next to the Search button. This opens the Advanced Search menu. Click on “Find a member” in the left sidebar. Type the email address for the eBay seller you’re trying to find, as well as the verification code displayed on-screen.

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