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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need to login to eBay?

You’ll need to sign in to your account to access My eBay, where you can keep track of all your buying and selling activities, view items you’ve saved to your watch list, and find your favorite sellers and searches. You’ll also need to be signed in to exchange messages with other eBay members.

How to sign in ebay?

If you go to the page and use the sign-in link it will send you here: Almost all of the sign-in links I have seen send you to the same page, or an alternate page that looks the same: This older link worked better until recently, but eBay has updated things so that this link now points to the current page at the top link:

What can you do in the My Account section of eBay?

Take advantage of the capabilities available to you in the My Account section of My eBay and become a savvier, more efficient buyer or seller. Here are the specific areas and some of the things you can do: Edit your eBay User ID, password or email address. Create or edit your About Me page.

What is the eBay Developers Program?

It lets you search and browse for items listed on eBay, and provides useful metadata to refine searches and enhance the search experience. Affiliates can use this API to build search and browse capabilities into bidding and buying applications.

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