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Frequently Asked Questions

Does rash always mean it's Lyme disease?

A rash is a common symptom of Lyme disease . These types of rashes can change over time, as the bacteria spread. Lyme disease can result from the bite of a black-legged tick that is carrying the bacterium. of people develop a rash that resembles a bull's-eye. The medical term for this distinctive rash is erythema migrans.

Is there always a rash with Lyme disease?

The bullseye shows up in around 9% of cases and a large amount of Lyme disease sufferers don’t have any sign at all early in the infection. Around 30% of Lyme cases have just a general rash that doesn’t form into a bullseye. The rash tends to spread with only a slightly darker border.

What are the physical signs of Lyme disease?

Joint pain and stiffness, often intermittent, are early Lyme symptoms. Your joints may be inflamed, warm to the touch, painful, and swollen. You may have stiffness and limited range of motion in some joints ( 1 ). Pain may move around. Sometimes your knees may hurt, whereas other times it’s your neck or your heels.

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