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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to have a dynasty trust?

Key Takeaways Dynasty trusts allow wealthy individuals to leave money to future generations, without incurring estate taxes. Under current law, an individual can put up to $11.58 million in a dynasty trust. 3  Dynasty trusts are irrevocable and their terms cannot be changed once funded.

What are the benefits of a dynasty trust?

Benefits of a Dynasty Trust. For wealthy families, one main benefit of a dynasty trust is that it can avoid the federal estate taxes that would otherwise be paid at every (or every other) generation. The beneficiaries do not own an interest in the trust assets and therefore the assets are not included in any of the beneficiaries’ estates.

How does a dynasty trust work?

Essentially, a dynasty trust gives families the opportunity to pass wealth to their descendants. When this happens, the trust is controlled by the terms initially created by its grantor. Once funded, the grantor loses control of the assets, and cannot regain them or make changes to the trust's terms.

Do I need a dynasty trust?

A dynasty trust must only be funded with particular kinds of assets. The Internal Revenue Service taxes dynasty tax income heavily. Suitable choices for placing in a dynasty trust include tax-free municipal bonds, cash-rich life insurance, and non-dividend growth stocks.

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