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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DVD-RW dvrtd11rs pioneer?

DVD-RW DVRTD11RS PIONEER has been tested with Burn4Free DVD and Blu-ray Burning Software Backup data - mp3 Work with more than 4000 cd dvd and blu-ray burners

Do I need to install the dvr-sk12d driver?

In prior to use the drive DVR-SK12D, the driver must be installed firstly. The drive can work properly only after the driver installation. No need to install the driver. Please proceed with your owners manual by reading the page of "how to connect the drive". Read the use contract page in prior to download the USB converter driver.

What is the speed of the dvr-111d (OEM) DVD/CD writer?

The DVR-111D (OEM) DVD/CD writer supports 16x write speeds on both DVD-R/+R along with the capability to write at 8x speed on DVD-R/+R dual/double layer media. These drives are available in beige, black and silver.

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