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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a DVR and a VCR?

A DVR temporarily stores files on a smaller hard drive, and if you want to keep the files you need to burn them onto an external source such as a DVD. DVRs and PVRs have all of the same functionality of VCRs (recording, playback, fastforwarding, rewinding and pausing) plus the ability to pause 'live' television and resume without missing any ...

What does NVR stand for?

NVR: Non-Volatile RAM: NVR: Naval Vessel Rules: NVR: Nederlandse Vereniging van Rubber- en ...

Is DVR an acronym?

Dynamic Voltage Restorer. DVR. Distributed Virtual Routing (computer networking) DVR. Distributed Virtual Reality (computer networking) DVR. Division of Vital Records. DVR.

What does NVR mean?

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder which is a device used to record videos from IP security cameras. It uses a hard drive to store the data in a digital format. You can have dedicated hardware designed to work as a Network Video Recorder or a combination of a computer (preferably a server) that runs a piece of software.

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