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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable ActiveX on Windows 10?

On the Message Bar, click Enable Content .The file opens and is a trusted document.See More...

What browsers support ActiveX?

Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the only browser that fully supports ActiveX controls and plug-ins. When you navigate to a website or document that requires a new ActiveX control, you will see an alert appear at the top of your webpage, under the browser’s toolbar.

Do I have ActiveX installed?

Option One: Use a Simple Test to Verify Active X Installation. Open Internet Explorer (IE) Visit ; Click the green button with the text "Test Your Active X Now" Follow any prompts or instructions to complete the test; Option Two: Explore Your Operating System to Locate Active X. Open Internet Explorer (IE)

Does ActiveX work in chrome?

ActiveX protocols are a set of reusable software pieces which are only available through the use of Internet Explorer. However, the IE Tab Extension for Google Chrome allows the use of a special "IE Tab," an emulation of Internet Explorer within the Chrome application.

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