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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct color of dunkelgelb?

A few posts ago I wrote about the “controversy” surrounding the correct color of dunkelgelb (literally “dark yellow”) a color used on German vehicles during World War II. This is important to many modelers obsessed with historical detail.

What does dunkelgrau and dunkelbraun mean?

Sd Kfz 221 with a dunkelgrau and dunkelbraun camouflage pattern. On 12 July 1937 Inspectorate 2 ordered that all Army equipment was to be painted in dark gray ( dunkelgrau) and dark brown ( dunkelbraun ). 1. In place of the colorful paint pattern, a pattern in the colors dark gray and dark brown is introduced.

When was dunkelgelb used in WW2?

On 31 October 1944, more elaborate camouflage in dunkelgelb, rotbraun, and olivgrün began being applied at the factories over the red oxide primer. Furthermore, dunkelgrau could be used if dunkelgelb was unavailable. Despite this order, there has never been any evidence that dunkelgrau was actually used.

What color is dunkelbraun?

At the same time, it was specified that the pattern should be a base coat of Dunkelgrau, with one-third of the vehicle covered in Dunkelbraun. The dark brown color was very dark, making it very difficult to distinguish the colors on black-and-white photographs.

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