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Frequently Asked Questions

Does DSW sell men's shoes?

Every runner needs a really great pair of running shoes. With everything from performance sneakers to lightweight running shoes, DSW is your go-to spot for athletic styles that are built for speed and can go the distance. Shop men's running shoes at, in the DSW app, or at any DSW store near you.

What is DSW in social work?

Graduate Social Work Degrees: Earning a DSW. The doctor of social work (DSW) is a specialized degree for social workers who wish to gain advanced training in research, supervision and policy analysis. This is a more advanced degree compared to a master of social work, or MSW.

Where are DSW stores located?

DSW store or outlet store located in Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis Harbour Center location, address: 2512 A Solomons Island Road, Annapolis, Maryland - MD 21401.

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