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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSAdd in Active Directory?

DSAdd is a pretty straightforward command-line utility that allows users to add objects to AD. Keep in mind that DSAdd is traditionally only available on servers with Active Directory Domain Services or Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services installed.

How do I create an organizational unit using DSAdd?

Example 1: Using DSAdd to Create an Organizational Unit. Preparation: Logon to your domain controller. Examine the script below. Edit ou= or dc= to reflect YOUR domain. Run, CMD then copy your script and paste into the command window. Alternatively type it starting with dsadd ou ………. dsadd ou "ou=guyds, dc=cp, dc=com".

How do I use stdin in DSAdd?

If you do not supply a target object at the command prompt, dsadd obtains the target object from standard input (stdin). Dsadd can accept stdin from the keyboard, from a redirected file, or as piped output from another command. To mark the end of stdin data from the keyboard or in a redirected file, use the end-of-file character (CTRL+Z).

What is the difference between ou=guyds DC=CP dc=com and DSAdd?

So ou=guyds, dc=cp, dc=com would work fine, but ou=GUY Space DS, dc=cp, dc=com fails because of the spaces in the GUY Space DS, name. In this second example you must type: "ou=GUY Space DS, dc=cp, dc=com" Creating groups with DSAdd requires more information, and that means more switches.

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