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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of getting drivers license?

Though the process of getting a driver's license may be simplified to two steps, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is an easy in-and-out operation. The two processes that most states have is the knowledge test and the road skills test. One has to prepare well enough to pass both to receive your driver's license.

What do you need to get your drivers license?

To obtain a new drivers license at the DMV, you must submit identification documents and pass mandatory tests. A birth certificate or passport can verify your name and age, and a utility bill can prove your state residency. Generally, you must pass a written knowledge exam and a road skills test.

How do you check if drivers license is valid?

To check if your driver's license is valid, contact the local DMV office, go to the relevant website and ask for a license status check online and obtain the driver's record from the relevant state agency. Also, update contact information with the local DMV.

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