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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Drew Brees play for the Chargers?

Long before the days of Twitter hyper-analyzing sports, sharing gifs and arguing about Taysom Hill, the Chargers spent time in San Diego, where they had Brees as quarterback. Is Odell Beckham's Injury Worse Than We Know?

How many completions did Drew Brees throw in 2016?

Brees finished the 2016 season leading the league in passing yards with 5,208, the second most of his career and the fifth 5,000-yard season of his career—more than all other 5,000-yard seasons combined (4). He threw for 471 completions, breaking his NFL record of 468 set in 2011, and a career-high 673 attempts.

What round did Drew Brees get drafted?

A Purdue football product, the Chargers selected Brees with the first pick in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft, the second QB drafted (behind Michael Vick, who went No. 1 overall). While Brees wasn't of the typical height or build coming out of college, he garnered some first-round interest, but eventually fell to the second to the Chargers.

When did Drew Brees sign his contract with the Saints?

July 13, 2012: New Orleans Saints signed QB Drew Brees to a five-year contract. March 3, 2012: New Orleans Saints has been designated their franchise player.

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