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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Drew Brees injury?

Drew Brees (rotator cuff) likely to miss games. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Saints believe quarterback Drew Brees has an injury to his rotator cuff, causing him weakness, pain and discomfort, that likely will cause him to miss games, according to sources with knowledge of the injury.

Is Drew Brees Scar a birthmark?

Drew Brees has had what appears to be a scar on his face well before his college career at Purdue and his NFL tenure with the Saints. There is a birthmark on Brees' right cheek, and it has been there since he was born. In an interview with CNN, Brees admitted to getting picked on growing up for having the unique marking on his face.

Is Drew Brees injured?

Drew Brees was placed on injured reserve by the New Orleans Saints on Friday, as the future Hall of Fame quarterback will be out for a minimum of three weeks. Brees, who missed five games due to injury last season, recently suffered multiple upper-body injuries over a two-week period, including broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Is Drew Brees active?

Drew Brees: Professional Life, Career Talking about the career journey of Drew Brees, he is active in playing football professionally since 2001. He started playing football professionally after being selected by the San Diego Chargers in the 2001 NFL draft.

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