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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being drawn mean?

an act of drawing. something that attracts customers, an audience, etc. something that is moved by being drawn, as the movable part of a drawbridge. something that is chosen or drawn at random, as a lot or chance.

Is drawn a verb?

“Drawn” is an adjective-part of the verb, known as a participle. It is correct to use that with an auxiliary verb - a “be” or “have” verb - “it was drawn” (passive) or “I have drawn it” (perfect tense). “Drew” is the simple active past tense of the verb and it used on its own.

Is drawn a word?

Drawn to the Word is a dynamic expression of your ministry brought to life through art. It’s a live painting on a massive canvas, a communal artistic experience, or furthering Biblical education through workshops and retreats.

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