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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dramacool?

The presently active URL of the web site is dramacool. You'll use this link to browse the website on your phone or on the pc. If the website isn't operating in your location then you should use Dramacool is for Asian dramas, movies, and Korean show English sub in HD. The web site is completely free for everybody.

Is dramacool safe to watch Asian dramas?

There has been a lot of gossip on whether Dramacool is safe or not. The Little Facts has established that this website is secure for all age users since it does not promote any inappropriate advertisements. In addition, Dramacool does not charge any fees whatsoever. You can watch your favorite Asian drama show on this platform for free.

Why did dramacool shut down?

A person can watch Asian Drama (Korean dramas popularly known as k dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwan dramas, Japanese dramas) with English caption or subtitle as we call it. As of now, Dramacool was shut because of legitimate issues. There are bunches of Fake Dramacool website on the web.

Is dramacool legal in my country?

But, you can continue using Dramacool if it’s legal in your country. If you find Dramacool not appealing due to legal issues, you can try out any of its other counterparts. The Little Facts has found several legal streaming sites for Asian dramas that are completely free.

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