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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an official dramacool website?

This is our only official website for Drama Cool. If you see any alternative website addresses, they are either fake or mirror sites. You should only watch dramas and movies on our official website and avoid these mirror sites for your electrical device safety and security. Does Dramacool have an app?

What happened to dramacool?

At the time, Dramacool was closed due to legal issues. There are lots of dramacool sites online! If you don’t have anything for wiki or Dramafever You, you should choose a popular website to watch and download Asia Drama Free Drama Fire.

Is dramacool good for watching South Korean drama with English subtitles?

The standard offered by Dramacool wouldn't thwart you. The sound quality of the drama and its subtitles are praise-worthy because it has been synched exceptionally well. Dramacool is one of the most effective and free sites to look at South Korean drama with English subtitles.

What's the difference between dramacool and dramanice?

Dramanice is pretty much Dramacool under a different skin. It has the same drama database as Dramacool and you can free download Korean dramas with Eng subs too. Yet one problem that exists with Dramanice is that it changes its domain frequently and it can be hard to find the right site. Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/...

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