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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dramabeans so popular?

The popularity of Dramabeans has paralleled the growing popularity of Korean dramas as part of the Korean Wave in the West, serving as a primer to Korean mores, culture and attitudes to Western audiences. The site also features articles regarding casting and preproduction of upcoming dramas, and behind-the-scenes news of airing dramas.

What happened to Dramabeans?

TLDR: Dramabeans was financially struggling to stay afloat. Javabeans and girlfriday had to find full time jobs and work on the site part time. They were looking for an investor and so could not explain the issue til now. They have found a buyer but did not specify who.

What is the history of dailydramabeans?

Dramabeans began as a blog by Korean American "Sarah", better known by her online pen name of "javabeans" in 2007 as a site to recap and debate Korean dramas. As the popularity of the blog increased she registered the domain name.

What is the best Korean Drama Review site?

Dramabeans is an English language website that features in-depth reviews and analysis of Korean dramas, and also serves as a fan forum for those programs featured. It also features Korean entertainment news on such topics such as preproduction and casting.

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